gets its first reviews...

...and it's a good one! It begins, "'Lost Angeles' is the best written, best acted new comedy I've seen this year." To read the full reviews, please see the following links:

Thank you to everyone who saw the show Saturday and Sunday - you helped make our opening weekend a total success!

For those of you who haven't yet seen LOST ANGELES, you can get tickets and information at the following link:

Thank you for your support of LOST ANGELES. I hope to see you soon!

Caroline's Play Opens!
My play Lost Angeles (formerly Starf*cks and Taco Hell) has its World Premiere on Saturday, Oct. 13 and runs until Nov. 18 at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood ( For show info and tickets, please go to Thank you!

Caroline shooting"The Price!"
She plays a woman who tries to trap a younger man into marrying her!

I just got back from Ethiopia, where I was lucky enough to meet the kids and staff of AHOPE, an orphanage that cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. I am planning a fundraiser this summer to help them build their proposed village. I will be updating this page as the plans for the fundraiser progress, so please check back if you’d like to attend!

To learn more about AHOPE and the incredible work that they are doing, please visit this link:

This summer, I will be playing “Catherine’ in The Memory of Water and “Olivia” in Twelfth Night.

STARF*CKS & TACO HELL opens October 19 at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood. 

The workshop phase of my play is now complete! Thanks to everyone who contributed their talent and time. Everybody brought something exciting and different, and the process was very helpful to me. Thank you!